Fantasy Formula


Game Start

Here is a quick run through of how the championship works.

You have a budget of £400M, and you must choose 2 Drivers, 1 Team and 1 Powertrain. As yet, there are still 3 driver positions, with Team Aguri announcing neither driver, and Amlin Andretti to announce someone to partner Simona de Silvestro. The brackets next to the Powertrains indicate which teams will be using which powertrain for next season. All new powertrains have been capped at £150M, last years Spark SRT-01e is only £100M

Points System

Points will be awarded for each session, as well as a bonus for players with drivers awarded a Fanboost for the race.

Practice 1 & 2

1st - 250 points

2nd - 200 points

3rd - 150 points

4th - 125 points

5th - 100 points

6th - 75 points

7th - 50 points

8th - 30 points

9th - 20 points

10th - 10 points


1st - 500 points

2nd - 400 points

3rd - 300 points

4th - 250 points

5th - 200 points

6th - 150 points

7th - 100 points

8th - 80 points

9th - 60 points

10th - 40 points

11th to 15th - 30 points

16th to 20th - 20 points


1st - 1000 points

2nd - 900 points

3rd - 800 points

4th - 700 points

5th - 600 points

6th - 500 points

7th - 400 points

8th - 300 points

9th - 200 points

10th - 100 points

11th+ - 50 points

DNF - 0 points

The 3 drivers who are awarded the Fanboost will be awarded an additional 500 points.

These points determine the amount of cash you earn per race. This is then multiplied by 15000 and rounded to the nearest million.

First drivers score double points. E.g. If Nelson Piquet scores 2000 points, his total would be 4000.

The Team Score is the total points scored by both Drivers from a team E.g. If Sam Bird scores 1500 and Jean-Eric Vergne scores 1000, DS Virgin would score 2500.

The Powertain score is average points scored by teams using that powertrain. E.g. If Andretti score 1000 and Aguri score 500, Spark would score 750.

Championship Points

The points above determine your finishing position. The Top 10 are then awarded Championship points as follows

1st - 25 points
2nd - 18 points
3rd - 15 points
4th - 12 points
5th - 10 points
6th - 8 points
7th - 6 points
8th - 4 points
9th - 2 points
10th - 1 point

If one of your drivers is on Pole Position or gains the Fastest Lap, an extra 3 and 2 points are awarded respectively.

If two or more teams have the same score, their championship points are split evenly.


You can swap your Drivers, Team and Powertrain at any time during the season. You will receive back 75% of the price of the unit, and that will go towards your new selection.

You MUST have all 4 elements of your team at all times, otherwise you will not be entered into any more races until the issue is resolved.

If one of your drivers is replaced halfway through the season, you will receive the replacement free of charge. E.g. Any players with Franck Montagny last season would've got Jean-Eric Vergne free of charge.

The transfer centre closes at 11:59 on Friday, and reopens just after the race for all races except the double-header in London, where it closes again at 11:59 on Saturday ready for the Sunday race. Requests can be made during this period, but will not be implemented until after the transfer centre reopens. The Transfers Centre can be found on the Results page, just below the Result Table and Race-by-Race breakdown.