Fantasy Formula


Game Start.

This is the beginning of your championship. Here you will find all the information you need to start out in Formula 1!

You will start with a budget of £400M, and you have buy 2 drivers, 1 Team and 1 Engine. Based on where your choices finish during a race, depends on how many points you get. Below shows you how points are awarded:

Practice Sessions

1st - 100 points

2nd - 75 points

3rd - 50 points

4th - 25 points

5th - 10 points

6th - 5 points

7th - 4 points

8th - 3 points

9th - 2 points

10th - 1 point


1st - 750 points

2nd - 500 points

3rd - 400 points

4th - 300 points

5th - 250 points

6th - 200 points

7th - 150 points

8th - 100 points

9th - 75 points

10th - 50 points

11th-16th - 25 points

17th-22nd - 10 points


1st - 1500 points

2nd - 1000 points

3rd - 750 points

4th - 500 points

5th - 400 points

6th - 300 points

7th - 200 points

8th - 100 points

9th - 75 points

10th - 50 points

11th+ - 25 points

DNF - 0 points

The amount of points you get determines the amount of cash you earn per race. Your points score will be multipied by 7500, and rounded to the nearest million.

Your first Drivers scores double points e.g. If Lewis Hamilton scores 1500 points, you would receive 3000 points instead.

Your team score is the amount of points both drivers from that team score. e.g. If Vettel scores 1000 points and Raikkonen scores 1000 points, the score for Ferrari would be 2000.

Your engine score will be the average points scored by teams using this engine e.g. If Mercedes score 4000, Williams score 400, Force India score 40 and Lotus score 4, Mercedes as an engine manufacturer would be 1110 points

These points determine the finishing position for your team for that race. The top 10 teams will then be awarded points according to the following scale:

1st - 25 points

2nd - 18 points

3rd - 15 points

4th - 12 points

5th - 10 points

6th - 8 points

7th - 6 points

8th - 4 points

9th - 2 points

10th - 1 point

If two drivers finish with the same score, the points for their position will be split across those positions.

The starting budget for the following year will be the combined team worth (50% the value of each driver/team/engine),    50 % of the unspent cash. If your total happens to be below £400M, then your starting budget will be rounded up to £400M.


Players can transfer Drivers, Teams and Engines throughout the course of the season.

When you sell a driver, team or engine, you will receive back 75% of that driver, team or engines price. Please note, you MUST have two drivers, a team and an engine decided before a race weekend, otherwise you will not be entered into the next round.

If one of your current drivers are replaced during the course of the season, you will receive that drivers replacement free of charge e.g. last year, any players with Marcus Ericcson would have been given Will Stevens for the final race. Any issues surrounding teams withdrawing from the championship will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The transfer centre closes between Friday and Sunday for each race (Thursday for Monaco). No changes can be made during a race weekend. Requests can be made during the closing period, but will not be implemented until it reopens on the Monday following an event.